Five Vignettes of a Library

Outside his head
silence – other than
the occasional rustle of paper
Inside his head
the sound of cosmic battles
as he reads a sci-fi novel

I’m looking for work
but don’t know where to start
she says
Here – let me show you where to look
replies the librarian

each time he leaves
his conversation is a little less broken
as the new arrival to this country
takes English classes

a child
who was never read to at home
finds a love of literature
when he is invited to story-time

the librarian tries
to figure out
how many people
he has helped
in various ways this week
but finds he has lost count


written for NaPoWriMo Day 6 – today we are encouraged to look at one thing from various perspectives. I am also sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night


17 thoughts on “Five Vignettes of a Library

    • not sure if you read my piece yesterday or not…but yesterday’s and today’s poems are a reaction to my provincial government’s recent decision to slash library funding by 58% – a move that deeply bothers me!

  1. I still mourn the time my library did away with their card catalog and installed computers. I loved pawing through those card catalogs! The librarian has the mystique of immense knowledge at his fingertips, which leaves many in awe!

  2. The librarian is very busy, helping people and giving them the love for books ~ Sci-fi and action thriller books are like movies in my mind, though outside its all silence ~

  3. I love your snapshots of a library, Bryan! I spend a couple of hours a week as a volunteer at two local libraries and recognise them in your lines!

  4. A wonderful tribute to libraries and the amazing people that work there – I have so many fond memories of reading and writing in them whenever I was living or studying in a city that has one.

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