Grocery Poems – Aisle 2


If you live long enough
you might see the
birth and death
of a king, maybe two
but I measure my life
not by the comings
and goings of monarchs
but the rise and fall
of dynasties.
My bark has seen
two millenia of years
and that which to you
is ancient history,
for me is but the
memories of my youth

so consider
next time you stand
in Aisle 2
that the olives you buy today
pickled and preserved in brine
may possibly be the
sisters and brothers
of olives
picked off my branches
by the likes of Napoleon
or maybe even
Alexander the Great



written for dVerse, where we are writing poems from nature’s point of view


14 thoughts on “Grocery Poems – Aisle 2

  1. I will never look at olives in the same way again! I’ve always been fascinated by trees and the stories they could tell, but I honestly never thought of them in terms of olives… or walnuts, maple syrup, or coconuts … ! I will be lost in thought the next time I’m at the grocery!

  2. Your poem brings up a good point. We need to preserve the life around us, or it won’t be here tomorrow. Napoleon and Alexander the Great probably didn’t mow down olive groves to be replaced by parking lots or malls.

  3. Just catching up with reading and chuckling over this! Love that warning to those buyers in the grocery aisle 😊Clever take on the prompt and testament to the age of some of those olive groves too!

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