The Origin of Valentine’s Day

A reposting of an article I wrote in 2012

Quest for Whirled Peas

So today is Valentine’s Day.  Named in honour of some guy named “Saint” who had a thing for anatomically incorrect hearts (probably because he wasn’t much of an artist).

He had a son named Q. Pid (not a very cool name, but that was his name none-the-less).  He was only two years when his dad got the brilliant idea of plastering a set of fake wings onto Q’s  back and giving him a mini bow and arrow.  Probably not the greatest of ideas.

Q was only 2, and didn’t know better, so he started shooting people.  He shot one young lady, and a chivalrous young gent went to her aid.  Unfortunately, he got shot in the posterior end for his troubles.  Despite the pain-in-his-butt, he managed to save the young lady’s life.  This young couple ended up falling in love.  To this day, it is said that Q. Pid’s…

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