Don’t take yourself so seriously!

you’re wearing polished army boots
your trousers creased with care
with shiny buttons on your shirt
your frown says “don’t you dare”
you hold your posture ramrod straight
no hair is out of place
I simply cannot help myself
so giggle in your face


something silly for dVerse, where we’re writing 44 word poems that include “giggle”. I wanted to use the prompt word in a silly way…couldn’t really think of how to do that, so instead, I decided to poke fun of those who take themselves too seriously.

Coffee and Cream – a Metaphor

within my cup:
both coffee and cream

they were separate
each unique in colour
each distinct in flavour
each diverse in temperature
each with a different history of origin

and now:
they are combined
and each contributes to the other
creating a new whole
they are married in such a way
that no one can ever
make them separate again

Urban Haiku

grey snow sits upon
mountains of concrete and glass –
large spray-painted birds


an attempt at writing a haiku with some of the classic elements (season words and nature images), but with a more “dystopian” viewpoint, with no actual nature included.  Even snow, which is often an image of purity, I have “polluted” by colouring it grey.  Sharing this with dVerse for “urban poetry”


Sometimes you still visit me
in the convoluted visions of my dreams
and even though
I have not seen you
in more than twenty years
the image of your face
remains as vivid as if
we had parted ways
only yesterday

in my back yard
if you listen closely
from near the back window
you might hear
the sound
of chickadees
but unless you’re careful
by the time you
part the curtain
to look outside
a swinging suet ball
and some motion in the trees above
will be the only visual evidence
that they were ever here

what kinds of birds
visit your back yard
and do I
ever visit your dreams?
and do those visits make you sad?

Give Hate a Chance

Give hate a  chance

most likely, you are hated by someone else
so return the favour and hate in return
repay evil with evil
and war with war
or better yet
assume you might be hated
even with lack of evidence
be preemptive
when attacking
lest you be attacked first

Give hate a chance
(and ignore the fact
that hatred
has never helped before)


Sharing at dVerse for OLN

Roses and Violets: Past Tense

Roses were red
Violets were blue
when we were young
and naive enough to know it all
Roses were red
Violets were blue
when every action
was sure to reap
an equally abundant reward
(and we didn’t believe
that “reaction” might be consequence instead)
Roses were red
Violets were blue
when we believed
that we would live forever
that we would reach the stars

until the day
we finally realized
the Roses are dead
the Violets are too.


my attempt at impressionist poetry for dVerse. Not sure if this fits the bill or not, but better to attempt and fail than never to attempt at all! By the way, I’m not actually this cynical…

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

A reposting of an article I wrote in 2012

Quest for Whirled Peas

So today is Valentine’s Day.  Named in honour of some guy named “Saint” who had a thing for anatomically incorrect hearts (probably because he wasn’t much of an artist).

He had a son named Q. Pid (not a very cool name, but that was his name none-the-less).  He was only two years when his dad got the brilliant idea of plastering a set of fake wings onto Q’s  back and giving him a mini bow and arrow.  Probably not the greatest of ideas.

Q was only 2, and didn’t know better, so he started shooting people.  He shot one young lady, and a chivalrous young gent went to her aid.  Unfortunately, he got shot in the posterior end for his troubles.  Despite the pain-in-his-butt, he managed to save the young lady’s life.  This young couple ended up falling in love.  To this day, it is said that Q. Pid’s…

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When the grey clouds descend

when the grey clouds
descend until they
ghost the tops
of buildings and trees,
does the river whisper
in all seriousness,
“my cousin has come
to visit me?”
and when the rains
begin to fall
does the lake ask
why her sister is weeping?


written in response to two prompts today. At dVerse, the prompt is to write a quadrille (poem of 44 words), including the word “ghost” (this prompt goes live at 3pm ET). At the Daily Post, the prompt word is “seriousness”

Criticize this poem!

I know that there are some of you
who’ll click a box to “like” this poem
and then you’ll quickly move along
to read some finely written tome

very few, or none at all
will tell me what you truly think
for some of you, and maybe all
will think this poem truly stinks!


written for the Daily Post where the prompt word is criticize