My Stapler – A Sonnet

16195561_10154400070404150_336413600280394538_nMy stapler’s face is non-chalant
he seems to have no need to care
his strength he never seems to flaunt
although I’m certain that it’s there

his mouth so calm, no smile, no frown
you’d think he knows some myst’ry deep
and though you grill him up and down
that secret he will surely keep

his wide set eyes seem oh so cool
like nothing ever bothers him
and he thinks everyone else a fool
that are just there to serve his whim

oh yes, he seems so very zen
with more like him all wars would cease
as though he’d bring great love to men
and bring the world to brink of peace

but place your hand in the wrong place
and he will bite you with that face