What is an Artist?


etch-a-sketch artwork by one of my sons. He was 9 or 10 at the time he created it


what is an artist?
an woman wearing a smock stained with paint?
a misty eyed mystic who sees the world in tints of rose?
a bitter man who was shaped by the wrongs done to him?
one misunderstood now, but revered after his passing?
but maybe
an artist is a child
who sees the beauty and potential
in everything that surrounds


at dVerse, we have been invited to write about artisans and craftspersons. I hope it’s OK that I went with artists instead. Two of my favourite artists are my own mom, whose paintings are absolutely lovely, and one of my sons, who (as can be seen from the etch-a-sketch image above) has artistic talent that leaves my artistic talent in the dust

14 thoughts on “What is an Artist?

  1. A very perceptive piece. You are not the first person to observe that the world viewed through a child’s eyes is perhaps the most beautiful but your observation is a timely reminder to the world right now.

  2. Our children first become our teachers, even while still young. Our “wisdom”, for them. is just scribbling margins of their probing, creative minds. I believe that most poets nurture their own inner child, hanging on desperately to that since of wonder that meeting the world provided. One day our children could become our caretakers, if they don’t place us in a “home” too soon.

  3. So very true, all children are artists. They possess the creative imagination and innocence that are lost later in life. I wish the arts were taken more seriously in children’s education. They are an uplifting quality that is lost in the rat race of life.

  4. Wonderful! The child is indeed the artist who draws, colors with abandon ignoring the lines….the wonderful totally free imagination. I always think of toddlers with those big thick crayons putting their whole arm, sometimes their whole bodies into the coloring with abandon on a blank piece of newsprint! 🙂 You’ve got this one! 😉

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