Memories Fade

Childhood memories are a curious thing.  There are so many events that I recall, but often, only a few sepia-toned images, but rarely a whole movie. For example:

I remember wiping out on my bike when trying to turn too sharp on gravel.  I remember the pain of skinning my knee, and even worse, my mom picking bits of gravel out of the wound.  I don’t remember where the accident occurred.

I remember my first plane ride…a four-seater.  I even remember the fear I felt as we took the first corner (I had no idea that a plane was supposed to tip that dramatically), but I don’t remember the take-off.

Those, and so many other memories of major events that I remember more as singular moments, that I wonder why the rest of the context has faded

Springtime river flows
as clear as liquid crystal –
Autumn: filled with silt

written for dVerse haibun prompt on childhood memories