Pillows – and how they didn’t cushion my fall one little bit – (A Choka)

softness of pillows
may soften the fall of one
who carelessly slips
on a bit of melted snow
at the stair’s bottom
but not if those pillows are
carried in the arms
of the one who is falling
and therefore in front
(and not behind as needed)
and therefore I bashed
my elbow but good just one
day before Christmas
and lay in stunned silence while
pillows flew through the air


Gayle has asked us to write a Choka for dVerse (go to dVerse for a description of the form).  Typically, I think, the choka was used for more serious story telling, but I couldn’t resist a bit of lightness (even if it is a true story, and even if my elbow still hurts!)


12 thoughts on “Pillows – and how they didn’t cushion my fall one little bit – (A Choka)

    • I was actually quite lucky…had I fallen a bit differently, I would have broken my arm instead of just bruising it…and could have also easily gotten a concussion had my head hit those stairs too.

  1. I can commiserate. I slipped in the kitchen yesterday and banged the XYZ out of the back of my head. Hopefully it did some good, as far as reversing brain damage goes.

    I like your poem very much. Of course, I read “pillows” as if describing the chest of a woman, so it means something entirely different to me.

  2. Well Bryan, this is a long time for your elbow to still be hurting! Maybe you did manage to fracture something in there. I sure think choka can be humorous and I always enjoy yours…even at your own expense! Thank you for joining in and Happy New Year to you!

  3. Your levity was a gracious gift, but your actual situation conjures sadness. I’m disabled & battle poor balance at all times. Falls are not our friends.

  4. Ouch!!! I read of an experiment where the elderly in a nursing home wore football pads for a number of days and the result was falls during that time did not result in broken bones as it was surmised, they would have otherwise. Even better than pillows! 😊

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