Pillows – and how they didn’t cushion my fall one little bit – (A Choka)

softness of pillows
may soften the fall of one
who carelessly slips
on a bit of melted snow
at the stair’s bottom
but not if those pillows are
carried in the arms
of the one who is falling
and therefore in front
(and not behind as needed)
and therefore I bashed
my elbow but good just one
day before Christmas
and lay in stunned silence while
pillows flew through the air


Gayle has asked us to write a Choka for dVerse (go to dVerse for a description of the form).  Typically, I think, the choka was used for more serious story telling, but I couldn’t resist a bit of lightness (even if it is a true story, and even if my elbow still hurts!)