the new year is a nest
full of eggs
full of potential not yet realized

and as the year progresses
we try to warm those eggs
in the hopes that they will hatch
from potential to reality

some of those eggs are rotten
and break
and stink
and make a mess

some of those eggs
are stolen by the crows
of self doubt
or criticism from others

some of those eggs
fall from the nest
from neglect
or lack of ability

but some of those eggs
don’t merely hatch
but grow feathers
and strong wings

and take flight


written for dVerse, where we were given the opportunity to pick from a series of “New Beginning” pictures from various artists. When I saw in the bio (below), that the artist who created the painting (above) was from small town Saskatchewan, I had to pick that picture, as I, too, was raised in a small Saskatchewan town

About the art:
Jinnie Nieviadomy – “New Beginnings”

“Jinny Nieviadomy is trained as an arts educator and self-taught as an artist. After moving from small town southern Saskatchewan and teaching junior high art she now follows a dream lead by the artist and entrepreneur within.” ~Bio- Jinny Nieviadomy~