A Sonnet for the dVerse Quadrille Challenge. Yes. I *am* crazy.

it dawned on me
tis hard to write
when sonnets be
wound up this tight
you cannot fit
much more than three
words and a bit
per line although
you’re trying hard
you’ll surely know
you must discard

perhaps you’ll fail?
bemoan bewail!


Although I love the quadrille challenges at dVerse, it does make it very challenging to write such forms as the sonnet…unless, of course, you’re willing to use dimeter instead of pentameter ¬†ūüôā

My Stapler – A Sonnet

16195561_10154400070404150_336413600280394538_nMy stapler’s face is non-chalant
he seems to have no need to care
his strength he never seems to flaunt
although I’m certain that it’s there

his mouth so calm, no smile, no frown
you’d think he knows some myst’ry deep
and though you grill him up and down
that secret he will surely keep

his wide set eyes seem oh so cool
like nothing ever bothers him
and he thinks everyone else a fool
that are just there to serve his whim

oh yes, he seems so very zen
with more like him all wars would cease
as though he’d bring great love to men
and bring the world to brink of peace

but place your hand in the wrong place
and he will bite you with that face

The Ship Will Come

The ship will come, to take her away
To her brand new home across the sea
The schedule is secret, she knows not the day
And so she waits, expectantly

“I hope it’s soon,” she says to me,
“I’d like to board, be on my way”
And though I’ll miss her thoroughly,
The ship will come, to take her away

Compared to there, this land is grey
And filled with pain and misery
“I’m ready to go,” is what she’ll say,
To her brand new home across the sea

When the call to board comes, there she’ll be
For from the docks, she does not stray
And though she waits most eagerly
The schedule is secret, she knows not the day

No cost to board will she have to pay
The price has been covered, and so she’ll sail free
To the Land of Joy where she’ll go to stay
And so she waits, expectantly

The price was Jesus’ blood, you see
And Heaven is not so far away
It’s where her heart now wants to be
And though she may not know the day,
The ship will come.


A Rondeau Redoublé for OLN at dVerse.  Written for a friend who loves life fully (as can be seen by the sparkle in her eyes), but knows that she will love the next life so much more.

Sharing this also to the Daily Post on Feb.14, 2017 (the word of the day is “expectation”, so I figured this fit.


Notes on form: ¬†Opening stanza is A1,B1,A2,B2, each line takes its turn as the closing line of the following 4 stanzas (babA1, abaB1, babA2, abaB2). ¬†The closing stanza is 5 lines – baba(R), where R is the¬†rentrement,¬†or a repetition of the first half of the poem’s first line (usually does not rhyme).

A more realistic love poem


Don’t ask me
to swim the ocean
to prove my love to you
for I suspect
that I’d taste real good to sharks

Don’t ask me
to face an army of archers
to prove my love to you
for I see
that you already own a pin cushion

Don’t ask me
to move a mountain
to prove my love to you
for wouldn’t you agree
it looks pretty good where it is?

Don’t ask me
to destroy myself
for the sake of proving my love
for if you do
you prove to me
that your love is not real

Writer’s Block

I sit with paper and pen
but the words won’t come
I try to write about my day
but the words won’t come
I think about friends
and how they have impacted me
but the words won’t come
I consider the state of the world
but the words won’t come
There’s a dictionary
full of words
but those words aren’t for me


Written for the¬†repetition prompt at dVerse. ¬†This is not the poem that I wanted to write. ¬†I actually have an idea of the poem I want to write, but the words will not come just yet. ¬†Oh well…maybe next week for Open Link Night…

What is an Artist?


etch-a-sketch artwork by one of my sons. He was 9 or 10 at the time he created it


what is an artist?
an woman wearing a smock stained with paint?
a misty eyed mystic who sees the world in tints of rose?
a bitter man who was shaped by the wrongs done to him?
one misunderstood now, but revered after his passing?
but maybe
an artist is a child
who sees the beauty and potential
in everything that surrounds


at dVerse, we have been invited to write about artisans and craftspersons. I hope it’s OK that I went with artists instead. Two of my favourite artists are my own mom, whose paintings are absolutely lovely, and one of my sons, who (as can be seen from the etch-a-sketch image above) has artistic talent that leaves my artistic talent in the dust


secrets should be told with care
don’t throw them everywhere
as with water in a jar
one small crack, it spreads afar
speak whispers in the night
hear them shouted in the light
with your secrets, oh take care
or you’ll hear them everywhere


“whisper” is the word for today’s Quadrille challenge at dVerse. I dare you to come and share your own 44 word poem that includes the word “whisper.”