Top 10 fears of the average reindeer

As Christmas approaches, many people think of things such as reindeer (known as caribou in some parts of the world).  Here is a bit of educational information on the top ten things that reindeer are afraid of.

10.  Wolves.
9.  Pixie Dust.  They’re afraid of heights.
8.  Yellow Snow
7.  Jell-o
6.  Being mistaken for caribou.
5.  The colour red
4.  Genetic experimentation that might cause their nose to turn red.
3.  Bells
2.  Slavery
1. Santa Clause (see A Reindeer’s Perspective)


5 thoughts on “Top 10 fears of the average reindeer

  1. Thabk you for the smile this morning. What I can’t figure out though, is why Santa doesn’t use those silver Mercedes featured in the car ad. Use metal and steel and end reindeer slavery…now.

  2. I enjoyed this list and the reindeer slavery piece. Personally, I support FedEx and UPS (I do most shopping online year round because I live in a small town and Walmart is about the only shopping choice. )

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