sometimes it feels
that the weight of the ocean
is dragging me down
and I struggle
to breach the surface
to take a breath
but each
I nearly struggle to the top
I am beat back down
again by
another massive wave
and I despair of ever reaching
the surface again
sometimes it feels
that way
even when I
am merely an observer
of someone else in the water


I find myself in a situation where a loved one is struggling with falling behind on obligations. I am doing what I can to help him get back to the place he needs to be, but it seems that each step forward is countered by a step or two back. Despite the fact that it is not my struggle…at least not directly…I cannot help but feel that it is I who cannot catch up…cannot catch a breath.

at dVerse, today, Lillian has asked us to write a poem that uses the word “time”, or speaks about time in some way.  I wrote this piece this morning, not knowing what the prompt would be (so poem was not written for dVerse initially).  However, it turns out that my piece fits the bill – in at least a few different ways.


16 thoughts on “Drowning

  1. Your poem definitely fits the bill. Bless you for helping a friend. I think in many ways, this time of year with all the piped in music, cheerfulness seen one parade in consumerism images etc, and the expectations that it will be merry and bright — can be very very difficult for someone struggling with a tragedy, unmet goals, and unmet responsibilities. It’s the difficult and dark inside pitted against the candy cane merriment seen everywhere. And the juxtapositioning makes it all the more harder. I hope your friend will be feeling more positive and that you know, you are being a positive friend…doing what so many others shrug off. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can empathize with the struggle and that never ending cycle of going up and going back down ~ Even though its not our struggle, we can relate definitely, as we have been there ourselves ~

  3. Perfect descriptive poem of being overwhelmed, being behind. I used to have a similar dream years ago and hadn’t had one in years. The other morning, the dream awakened me. You are being a good friend and I hope he is truly grateful. Just be careful and keep in mind your three beautiful boys.

  4. The struggles of life, we do sometimes feel like we are drowning or bobbing on the surface just trying to keep our head above water. It is hard to watch from the shore as you want to throw out the life line when needed.

  5. It sounds in the reading of it, that you’re in lock step with him; joined in the battle. It is a hard battle in this day trying to keep up with obligations, debts, the times, etc. That’s a good description

  6. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    A hardest
    oF Love
    iS LoVe
    thaT noW
    Feels the pain
    of oTherS and
    theE sAMe Love
    thaT lastS oN iN tHe
    eYes oF oTheRS noW
    wheTheR reciProcated or
    noT.. Love LiveS on iN Trial and Error..:)

  7. What a powerful description of that feeling. It’s impossible not to feel so deeply the struggles of the ones we love, isn’t it? We enact so badly for the to find peace. I wish that for your friend, and foe you as well.

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