Winter Wind

The air shrieks its way over the land like
some mythic beast in search of vengeance. She
bears her fangs, not in mere show, but to strike
and draw blood from whomever she might see

who dare to cross her path. No pity will
she show, for she has neither heart nor
ears to hear the cries of her victims. Ill
intent is all that she ever bears for

the living, for she herself has no life
but howls in a ceaseless, sentient death.
She would destroy all warmth with the sharp knife
of her icy, incompassionate breath.


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15 thoughts on “Winter Wind

  1. Oh, goodness, I think I’ve been caught in a wind like that on a ski piste and it was the most terrifying thing I’d experienced (also, the fog was rolling in). You convey that sense of powerlessness of humans in front of unchained nature…

  2. We feel this kind of wind very often on our shores and we always respect her with thermal layers and tons of moisturiser. When wrapped up warm and protected she can be truly invigorating and inspiring!

    • it was originally going to be a sonnet…but I couldn’t think of a closing couplet that wouldn’t weaken the whole thing. The idea of this one was to rhyme in an ABAB,CDCD,EFEF manner, but if read aloud, to not feel rhymed at all.

      • I’m so glad you drew my attention to this because you’re so right; the rhyme does not at all overpower the poem. Now I’m all the more impressed, Bryan.

  3. I should have read your title first! I though you were writing about a vampire! Then, again, the icy winter wind, is somewhat like a vampire, stealing the warmth from us, with no remorse. Very good!

  4. This is beautifully written…and hauntingly realistic as we brace here for a big storm. I enjoyed this strong personification of the wind. I kinda like that she’s a she too. 😉

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