Santa and Blitzen Debate Reality

“There’s no such thing as a ‘non-magical creature’, Santa.  You’re much too old to keep on believing in such nonsense!”

“You keep saying that, Blitzen, but tell me this: where do the milk and cookies come from?”

“Magic, of course.  They appear out of thin air…just like we reindeer can magically fly, the elves magically make toys, and you can magically show up to practically every point on the globe simultaneously…with us reindeers’ help, of course.  You don’t need to leave toys behind in payment.  The elves use much energy in magically creating those toys to be used in the Reindeer Games, but you keep squandering them in the foolish notion that you’ll stop getting your precious milk and cookies if you stop delivering toys to these figments of your imagination.”

“But what if you’re wrong?  What if there is  a world of non-magic out there?  What if it is the very nature of cookies and milk that come from a non-magical world that actually sustains the universe of magic?  Oh no, my dear Blitzen.  It is much too risky to stop believing in good little boys and girls.”

4 thoughts on “Santa and Blitzen Debate Reality

  1. “Good ol’ Frosty’s wager,” Donner piped in from the corner. “But how do you know whom to believe in… some say there are parents who leave the milk. Others say it is corporations. Cupid swears it’s dogs and cats. What if you’re believing in the wrong reality, and just making the actual milk-leaver angrier and angrier. How do you choose?”

    “And what of the efficacy of present leaving? You leave gifts whether there are snacks or not. It is not falsifiable. If there is food, you say it was the children. If there are no snacks, you pity the alleged children who could not leave the snacks. Seems pretty circular, Santa.”

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