Two poems to contrast light and dark

It is only on the brightest days
When the sun glints blindingly
Off the glass enshrouded skyscrapers
And the digital billboards
Scream in brilliance about some
New product that will make
Your life even more luminous
Than it already is
That you can see how
Dark the alley really is


Dim twilight descends on a
Smog encrusted town.
Beggars compete with rats
To see who is the most filthy
The sounds of wheezing
And consumption
Fill the filthy air
And all eyes are drawn
To the diamond on the
Rich man’s finger


At dVerse, Bj√∂rn has introduced us to the 17th century artistic movement of “Carrovagionism”. This movement emphasizes light by the use of shadow. I have tried in the first to use light to emphasize dark, and in the second poem I tried to do the reverse. NOTE: consumption is an older term for tuberculosis.

NaBloPoMo Day 24