breathe deeply the soft scent of blue
and dance to the sad sounds of yellow
feel the rough texture of green
and savour the rich taste of brown
don’t look, but see,
perhaps for the very first time
with more than just your eyes


I don’t have synesthesia, but I do remember playing a piano piece once that was written in the key of D-minor, and to me, the song was distinctly yellow.

Quadrille prompt (44 word poems) at dVerse today. Word of the day is “breathe”. Also written for day 21 of NaBloPoMo


22 thoughts on “Synesthesia

  1. I have always wanted to see colors differently such as those with synesthesia see (or hear or feel) them. That they can do such things makes me think there is more going on than I assume there is.

  2. I knew a blogger once who had synesthesia and she was always trying to describe how the world appeared to her. I like how you tied the colors into the senses.

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