I looked for God on Facebook

I looked for God on Facebook
so I could know
what he was doing each day
but could not find him there

I looked for God on Twitter
so I could know his thoughts
moment by moment
but neither was he there

I looked for God on Instagram
so I could see the images
that He finds beautiful
and he was not there either

So finally I called
out to God in prayer
and asked him where on social media
he might be found

he told me, I am the God
of today
and of yesterday
and of tomorrow

I would be a friend to you
but never just a status
for you to read and then discard.

Come!” he said, “and walk with me,
talk with me, be with me,
abide with me,
but don’t reduce me
to a sound-bite.”


NaBloPoMo Day 20