The Parable of the Flowers

There once was a gardener who could hear the silent speech of his flowers. One day, as he was walking down the cut-stone path that meandered between the plants, he heard one of his flowers beseech him, “Oh gardener, please let me be. When you dig in the soil around my roots, you cause me discomfort, your pruning blade causes me pain, and that foul manure that you spread around me assaults my senses.

The gardener was saddened that this flower would not want his attention, but he said

I love you enough to leave you be
but how I wish for you to trust me

A little further down the path, the gardener encountered a small rose. He knelt down to smell the fragrance of the blossom, and as he did so, he heard the rose say, “when you dig in the soil around me, you cause me discomfort. When you prune me, you cause pain, and that fertilizer you use smells so horrid…but I can tell that you love me. Is there a reason that you put me through all of this?

The gardener told the rose, “Yes, there’s a reason. You’re too small now to understand, but one day, if you trust me, you’ll know the reason why.

The rose bent her head and said, “then I’ll trust.”

The season progressed, and lo and behold, the time came when the first flower was withered, brown, and being choked by weeds, while the small rose had grown to be a beautiful bush with the greenest leaves and the reddest blossoms. The first flower said of the gardener, “why did you let me become so ugly, while that rose over there is so vibrant and lovely?

The gardener, simply wept, and said,

I loved you enough to let you be
but that rose bush is green
for she trusted in me


Written for Kim’s garden prompt at dVerse.  Also written for day 15 of NaBloPoMo