Memories of Memories

It’s interesting…the things that one remembers, the things that one forgets, and the memories that one has that cannot really be.  For example:  I remember the morning of my 5th birthday. Or should I say, I remember one moment of that day.  I clearly remember walking down the hallway of my home, somewhere between the bathroom and the entrance to the living room and thinking to myself, “I’m five today!”  Of the rest of that day, I can’t say that I have any recollection whatsoever.

And now, nearly 40 years later, I have to wonder…do I remember that, or is that merely the memory of a memory?  For I also distinctly remember that moment when a hole appeared in my bedroom wall and a bird flew out…a memory that is clearly not real.

the full moon rises
shining its light on the earth
– memory of sun


for Toni’s haibun prompt at dVerse, where we are invited to write about birthdays, or the moon, or a combination thereof.


NaBloPoMo Day 14


14 thoughts on “Memories of Memories

  1. i remember when i AM
    three.. adult in a three
    year old body..
    no speech
    yet in oral
    ways but the
    sense and feel
    that i live forever
    and relatively speaking
    in ancestor way from the
    origin of all that is i still do at least for now..
    a gift
    before now is present best..
    in all of moon and sun in day and night..:)

  2. So interesting about our memories and whether they’re accurate or not. I wanted that memory about the hole in the wall with a bird flying out to be true! Beautiful haiku…

  3. I love this. I like the thought of 5 year old you thinking, i am 5 today. And the hole opening and a bird flying out. I have a distinct memory of being 4 and holding a branch which burst into blooms…like Tannhauser’s walking stick. I know it wasn’t or coukd be real, but I love the thoughts of it..

  4. I have some memorable birthdays as well but now I can’t recall the details ~ I guess its the passing of time as we grow older ~ Really enjoyed this one Bryan ~

  5. We all must experience that fuzzy uncertainty of some of our “clear” memories…now makes me think of a birthday memory, maybe i’ll write another haibun 🙂

  6. It sounds true, though (the hallway, not the bird). Such a huge moment of realisation for such a young child, I can believe it would have stayed with you ever after.

  7. Isn’t it those tiny seemingly insignificant memories that remain sometimes? I have always been fascinated with the process of memories…why some stick and why some don’t even exist. I believe it relates to our own feelings that took place at the time, though there has to be much more to it. Wish the moon could tell us more!

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