Memories of Memories

It’s interesting…the things that one remembers, the things that one forgets, and the memories that one has that cannot really be.  For example:  I remember the morning of my 5th birthday. Or should I say, I remember one moment of that day.  I clearly remember walking down the hallway of my home, somewhere between the bathroom and the entrance to the living room and thinking to myself, “I’m five today!”  Of the rest of that day, I can’t say that I have any recollection whatsoever.

And now, nearly 40 years later, I have to wonder…do I remember that, or is that merely the memory of a memory?  For I also distinctly remember that moment when a hole appeared in my bedroom wall and a bird flew out…a memory that is clearly not real.

the full moon rises
shining its light on the earth
– memory of sun


for Toni’s haibun prompt at dVerse, where we are invited to write about birthdays, or the moon, or a combination thereof.


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