Sticky Note Goodbye?

“Notice: Adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. Colors may bleed when wet. Test before using”
– cautionary note on a package of store-brand sticky-notes

some folks are sticky notes
like those Post-It™ pages that 3M® makes:
useful for a while
but leave virtually no mark
when they are peeled from our lives
not even a gummy residue

But you were a staple:
and though you are gone
you have ripped your mark
onto the paper of my soul


numerous people have commented that my last two poems were both inspired by office supplies. Honestly, that had been unintentional. However, once it was pointed out, I figured I might as well continue in the same vein. Written for Walt’s “goodbye” prompt at dVerse. He will be leaving us, at least for a while, to take care of his wife. God’s blessings on you, Walt!

NaBloPoMo Day 8


17 thoughts on “Sticky Note Goodbye?

  1. Ode to Office Supplies. A great idea. Indeed, poetic friends are the furthest thing from sticky notes. When removed for whatever reason they leave a large patch on the wall.

  2. I read this work of art before I even thought up mine – not that I am saying mine is a work of art! But yours truly is! Brilliant!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]!

  3. Ah.. the oxytocin feeling
    that binds..
    from breasts
    that never say farewell..
    and truly the connection
    that makes us wanna
    stick together
    of sticky
    notes that fall
    off and fail oF
    wArm and fuzzies..:)

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