an upright rectangular container
a lid with a circular hole and magnetic collar
and resting inside:
a tangle of paperclips
awaiting the moment
when the container is shaken
affixing a few of them to the top
from whence they can be plucked
to finally serve their purpose

and I wonder, sometimes
if we are not shaken enough


Today is Open Link Night at dVerse, and our host, Victoria, has asked us where we go for inspiration for our poetry. Honestly, inspiration for me can be anything or everything…from the sound of a small metal tool makes when it slides across concrete (if it is accidentally kicked), to the colours of clouds as they are kissed by the rising sun, to thoughts on life and death. Inspiration is as far away as the stars, and as close as my coffee cup. Even, as can be seen in today’s poem, a paperclip container might suffice to fuel the muse!

NaBloPoMo – Day 3