Bring Your Child To Work Day

NaBloPoMo-Day 2

today I brought my son to work
to show him what I do
and as my co-workers came in
I let him meet the crew
I shuffled papers round my desk
and sent a fax or three
I ate some chocolate java beans
and gave him one for free!
and as he sat beside my desk
to watch me work away
his eyes glazed o’er in boredom but
I made that poor boy stay
he asked me questions ’bout my job
and I tried to explain
but answers that he’d understand
would not form in my brain
but still he asked me questions…
at least a hundred two
I know one thing, now, ’bout my job:
I’ve no idea what I do!


today was in fact, “bring your child to work day”, and I think that it was significantly more productive than my poem made it appear.  I’m not sure that my son really has a clue what I do…but he did have a fairly good time for the most part…I think…