These walls are metaphorical (an ode to the dVerse poets’ pub)

There are those times
when the one sitting close enough to touch
seems to be a world of away,
and then those times
when the one who is separated by a world of distance
seems to be in the adjacent chair
so it is within these walls

walls not of wood or brick or stone
nor walls to exclude
but walls made of friendship
to keep out only the dark and the cold
and to amplify the ambiance created
by laughter and smiles
and to extend the warmth of compassion
when hurt is felt and tears are real

and if these walls
(metaphoric though they be)
could talk
they would tell tales
of journeys and of love
of loss and of humour
of cowboys and beatniks
of polish and of raw emotion

and all in all
I don’t think there’s a one here
who wouldn’t say
“pull up a chair to my table
and grab a drink from the barkeep”
and nor would any mind
that the chairs and the drinks
like the walls themselves
are no more than metaphor
but the friendships,
I think,
are not metaphorical in the least


for the dVerse prompt:”If Walls Could Talk”

also…this is day one of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)…the goal is to post at least one thing each day for the month of November.