The War on Maple Bugs – Part 10

I suspect that most generals who have commanded soldiers in battle have done things that they are not proud of.  Sometimes those things might have been conscious choices, but sometimes they have simply reacted to circumstances without consciously realizing, at the time, that they had done something wrong.

Today I watched my 11 year old son creep through the trenches (our kitchen) to take out an enemy scout, and I realized that someone who is only 11 years of age should not be involved in active combat.

I had to ask myself, “Have I truly brought even my children into the conflict?”.  So I asked my 6 year old son if he had killed any maple bugs, and to my shame, he told me with great pride, “I killed 61 at my school!”  Not only showing that he is, indeed, a child soldier, but is even seeking out other fronts at which to engage the enemy.

children in combat
may make you see red
but at least they are making
some maple bugs dead!


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