The war on maple bugs- part 9

When waging any war, never underestimate the importance of a propaganda campaign. Making the enemy look as inhuman as possible is the best hope you have of keeping your soldiers willing to slaughter those enemy beasts.  Of course, this is not too much of a challenge for me as my enemy is not human at all!

The maple bugs, on the other hand, are trying a rather unique tactic: trying to rob me and my army of our humanity.

Today, for example, as my wife was preparing to put a bouquet of Alstroemerias in a vase, an enemy tried to suck the joy of of the task by drowning itself in the water. It seems that they believe that suicide tactics will terrorize us into submission.

Any sort of buggy death
By their hand or by mine
Is one less bug to bother me
No matter how it died is fine!


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