There are no exceptions

We are taught from early on
that everyone dies
some lives are long, and others are short
but the truth remains fixed:
that everyone dies
some deaths are predicted:
“he has cancer,
and we estimate he has
six months to live”
and some lives are cut
tragically short
but we all know
that eventually, everyone dies

and yet, even though we all know
that everyone dies
we are left
gasping for air
and refusing to believe
that even our loved ones
are not exempt from the fact
that everyone dies


I’ll be sharing this with OLN at dVerse today.


25 thoughts on “There are no exceptions

  1. We know qnd yet, we are always surprised, even as we sit by the bedside and watch the last breath. How can it be that our loved one is dead? I can tell this death if your friend has deeply affected you.

  2. Wisdom, here. I suppose working with death and dying over 50 years has opened my eyes to the reality and as I age, I’m all the more aware of it…yet when there is a personal loss–it still stuns. And it is so true, there is no such thing as closure.

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