The Drama of the City

I like to keep my Speaker tuned to The Drama of the City.  It’s not your typical drama, as you rarely hear more than snippets of any story…muted conversations that begin in the middle of a sentence and end in the middle of another…the sound of a siren, but hardly ever an explanation of the emergency…the slamming of a door or the honking of a horn.  Sure…it’s a strange sort of drama, but it’s the sort of thing you might expect to hear when your Speaker is the open window.

it may seem strange, but that car speeding past contains a secret story


at dVerse, Bjorn is having us write contemporary haibun that contain some element of city life.  With that in mind, an American Sentence seemed more appropriate to me than a I haiku.



20 thoughts on “The Drama of the City

  1. This is excellent, imaginative, yet urban specific. The open window is your movie screen, your blank page, the existential snippets are all prompts, misty moments, a collage, a swath of overlapping graffiti. I hear the music of the city easily, now will gather dramatic clues for more inspiration.

  2. What a great perspective to write from, Bryan…like a radio station with static where you just hear snippets of this and that…excellent! Love that American Sentence too.

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