The War on Maple Bugs – Part 7

It is a despicable soldier, indeed, that plants an IED.

Today, as we were getting ready to return home from a trip in our troop transport vehicle (a 2011 Kia Rondo), we discovered that the enemy was trying to destroy us with an IED.  That’s correct, we found a maple bug “Inside and Extremely Disgusting”.

It was pointed out to us by our 6 year old son…you’d think that he’d been traumatized enough by the bug that was preventing him from accessing clean drinking water (see part 6 of this series), but he bravely shrieked, “There’s a maple bug!”  When we asked “Where?”  He again told us “THERE!”  My other two sons were too paralyzed with fear to clarify the cryptic “there”, but then the IED crawled over the top of my wife’s head-rest to a point where I could finally see it.  I was able to grab it and toss it out of the vehicle before it could cause any more issues.

driving is no longer safe
the bugs are everywhere
imagine, though the horrors if
it crawled in my wife’s hair


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