Tummel of Zee

at dVerse, today, we are asked to write poems of celebration. I decided to go a bit Seussical.


Today is the day of the Tummel of Zee
when the Kippels all dance in the shade of a tree
and the Wapples play Looras upon their brass Tings
It’s the one day a year when the Zoopa Bird sings!

So come feast on For-Fa until you are stuffed
then listen to stories by Baron Von Zuft
stay up passed your bedtime, till moon number two
appears in the sky by the Tower of Snoo

Throw off your Pattarkin and put on a Tace
no need to wear scowls or frowns on your face
come celebrate here on this twelfth day of Cee
for today is the day of the Tummel of Zee!


18 thoughts on “Tummel of Zee

  1. I love me some fantasy & nonsense verse/words–it’s so liberating. We need more dVerse prompts to steer us into massive word avalanches of nonsense!!!

  2. An awesome feast for the Tummel of Zee! We need nonsense rhymes and fantasy verse to keep us going through all the terrible things in the world. I want to dance with Kipple, eat For-Fa and listen to Baron Von Zuft’s stories! 🙂

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