The War on Maple Bugs – Part 3

Any general will tell you that in war, there will sometimes be setbacks. Some battles will not go as planned. There may even be battles that are lost completely.

Tonight, I found one of the insurgents crawling around on the kitchen ceiling. I presume that it thought that it would be out of my reach, but I am 6’2″, and can reach the ceiling if I just stretch a wee bit.

I was attempting to grab its antenna between my thumb and a finger, but hadn’t anticipated that it might have a counter-attack in mind. Before I knew it, this six-legged foe dropped straight down toward my head.

As is the case when you find any sort of projectile hurtling towards your face, I flinched.  The enemy used my momentary distraction to fly off to parts-of-my-house-unknown.

Tonight, I lost the battle, but I warn you, oh my mortal foe, I shall not lose the war!

today my foe, from up on high
dove down towards my upturned face
and I can tell you bravely now
I ducked and screamed with poise and grace.


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