Some cubist thoughts on coffee

It is early in the day
that I brew my coffee
but even earlier
were the beans picked and roasted

Contents hot

The way
a bit of white cream
creates swirling patterns
against the deep rich black

Was coffee available
on the Pequod?
The First Mate would know

the humble
and the proud
are equally scalded
if the pot breaks

some people prefer tea over coffee
other people are wrong in different ways


at dVerse, Bjorn is having us explore the idea of Cubist poetry.  I really don’t know if I did this right, but I did have a lot of fun in the attempt!


26 thoughts on “Some cubist thoughts on coffee

  1. I do like your humorist approach the challenging prompt… and you did slip in wisdom with your humor as well, layered thus it does make so much sense, great to see you stretching yourself from Starbucks to Moby Dick too… yes you need to stretch the images.

  2. Sorry, coffee leaves – cold me. Beans ground beneath marooned sailors. Foam cups in Gyre – green emblem.
    I love your progression of poems and the sense of yearning for a good hearty roast.

  3. I really like the progression of this poem, Bryan, from waking up to coffee, a bit fuzzy still, hence the caution, through the rich image of the cream swirling that stands out, and then that wonderful random thought – a coffee thought – about the Peqod leading to some coffee philosophy. I drink fruit tea first thing and mocha a little later in the day but this poem makes we want a coffee with a swirl of cream and a good old ‘Kaffeeklatsch’! Perhaps go back in time to the Viennese coffee houses for a chat with Klimt.

  4. some people prefer tea over coffee
    other people are wrong in different ways

    Yes, you can say that again, Bryan! Some people don’t really know what they are missing. Love your humor! Remember what the air stewardess whispered to the handsome guy, ‘tea coffee of me!’ ? (just extending the humor bit)


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