(Dis)Arrangement of Chaos

There is a sort of beauty
in the chaotic disarrangement of nature
where no two trees are the same
where each mountain has its own unique features
where wildflowers are not arranged in columns nor rows…

yet order is found by the boundaries in place
the mountains and oceans, they each know their space
the birds of a species all know their own kind
the chaos has order that’s not hard to find
from cycles of water that keep the earth green
to the wonders of atoms too small to be seen
There’s beauty in chaos like shells found in sand
for even the chaos is held in God’s hand


at dVerse, the prompt today is to write about the arrangement of things (or to rebel against the idea of things being arranged). I decided to go somewhere in between those two extremes. Wonder over to the dVerse site to see some fantastic artwork by Emily Blincoe – artwork based on arrangements (or visit her blog for some even more fantastic artwork.  (I chose to go a different direction than her artwork allowed, and therefore have chosen not to show any of her pieces here)


15 thoughts on “(Dis)Arrangement of Chaos

  1. So very true. I love your take on this prompt. The disorderly orderly nature of nature always inspires and amazes me. And God orders it all. The last two lines are exceptionally beautiful and wise.

  2. Even in the disorderly and chaos, there is order, held in the palm in God’s hand. From the atom to the shells, to the mountains, there is beautyto be found ~ Love the rhyming verses in the second part of your poem Bryan ~ Thanks for joining us ~

  3. You made me question my love of order, when nature does such a good job with disorder… but perhaps, as you suggest, it’s the hidden order of things which nevertheless soothes me… food for thought, certainly!

  4. This is so well expressed, Bryan. I love the way the first stanza introduces the theme with only one rhyme (nature/features), as if testing the thesis, and then puts it all into perspective with the neat rhyming couplets of the second stanza. A delightful eco poem that is honest and clear.

  5. Thought-provoking piece and a lovely tribute to nature’s design. The last two lines are so comforting….reassuring us that even the disorganized details of nature are in God’s hands.

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