I’d like to think…

I’d like to think
that the shadows of history
wouldn’t have been cast by me
had I been there
at those crucial points of the past
yet I wonder
will future generations
look and say,
“what long shadows he cast…
thinking he was enlightened?”


Today at dVerse, we are playing with shadows.  This prompt got me thinking: all the sins of history are easy enough to condemn…but had I lived at the time, knowing only what my forefathers knew at the time, would I have been any better? Will future generations condemn this generation for sins that we are committing without realizing it?


25 thoughts on “I’d like to think…

  1. The irony is not lost on or to me.
    The call of the “legends in our own minds” thinking we might have set it all right.
    The shadow of “if only we could have or were there, then maybe”.
    It’s enough to handle today. They laugh thinking that as Monday morning quarterbacks, our shadowy reach would have made a difference.
    They know who we are kidding.


  2. Perhaps we will never catch up to our intentions …or….our intentions will never be good enough as long as we continue to fail humanity. So many things to ponder here. Love the philosophical thoughts you raise in this quadrille.

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