I am a starving man

I am a starving man
standing before a feast
a table piled high with tender roasts,
creamy mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables,
the most delicate and delicious looking sweets
and here I am
a starving man
standing before a feast

I do not eat, but merely look

It’s not that I am forbidden from the meal:
on the contrary
I have been invited to partake and eat my fill
and yet, here I stand

My mouth waters as I smell the aromas
of gravy and sauce and herbs and meats
and yet, here I am:
A starving man
standing before a feast

for if I partook,
would I not lose my identity
as a starving man?


today is Open Link Night at dVerse. My poem has a definite meaning, but I am choosing to share the piece without comment on the inspiration, so that you, dear readers, might see whatever message you need to see.


13 thoughts on “I am a starving man

  1. This has of course a meaning for me and I like that you not share it. I can read many things into that identity of starving man. At first you might see a man of moral, one not falling for temptations, but then his zealousness begin to itch, and I see hubris… But that’s just my thoughts.

  2. I have many impressions, the last line of course I agree with Bjorn in artistic hubris. But then, perhaps a hunger striker protesting famine or an advocate for the homeless demonstrating the waste of food.
    For me though, the aromas bring a tinge of nausea: I am, after all, a vegetarian.

    • To me, “starving” belongs with “artist.” And in some ways, to take away the “starving” takes away the “artist.” I think unless an artist lives only on his own brain, then his work/identity will be tainted. Would that he stay poor/hungry so that his work will be better and true.

  3. I can see the deeper meaning to the feasts and the starving man ~ Sometimes what is given to us, in a feast, is not so much appreciated as when we have to starve and realize what it means to not be starving again ~ A thoughtful piece Bryan ~

  4. I see it as all that lies in front of us that we refuse to see and appreciate….the positive sides of things, the gifts of life, health, food, nature and family that we should be grateful for….but instead we deny ourselves from feeling these simple joys….because then we would not have something to complain about or a reason to set lofty goals or continue searching for the “meaning of life”.

  5. Whatever the meaning to anyone, this is a powerful poem! I appreciate the repetition. Fear of losing identity is so pervasive that we rarely recognize it. Thank you for sharing this; it reminded me of the Sufi poet Rumi!

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