As far as inventions go…

as far as inventions go,not many beat the feather
they make my pillow nice and soft
they keep my blanket cozy warm
when cut just right, they make great pens
they keep the arrow straight in flight
they help to clean up household dust
and bring out giggles when used to tickle
they make great ornamentation on folks freshly tarred
but most amazingly of all
I’ve heard that even birds have learned how to use them!


at dVerse, we’ve been asked to ponder feathers.  I decided to go a bit tongue-in-cheek with this one…but at the same time, I think that as humans, we often have a tendency to think that everything on this planet is here for our benefit, and we forget that some things have use for other inhabitants of the planet as well


17 thoughts on “As far as inventions go…

  1. I enjoyed your clever list of how feathers enhance our lives but so true, first they help birds fly! Also, loved “they make great ornamentation on folks freshly tarred”…hahaha!

  2. Ah — great tongue in cheek ending here! Imagine that — those smart creatures — those birds have used them to fly! There is a children’s book Professor Wombog in Searth of a Zipperumpazoo that my children and now my grandchildren LOVE! The Professor collects “beasties” and has one for every letter of the alphabet except Z and is in search of the Zipperumpazoo 🙂 On this journey, he puts feathers all over himself and attached stilts so it looks like he has bird legs, and holds on to balloons to go up in the air — A great Croonie (female) spies him and takes him to her nest, falling in love with him….the Croonie is a bird of sorts! Only the rain that washes away the glue and hence the feathers convinces her he is not a bird. It is a hilarious and wonderfully illustrated book! somehow, your poem reminds me of it. If you have children — or not — look up this book! 🙂 You’ll chuckle.

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