I still remember that last meal at the Bible College I had attended for 4 and a half years. Few words were spoken, but many tears were shed as I bid goodbye to my friends…some of whom I knew I would never again see on this planet. At the time, I would have traded much to have those years continue forever. Since then, though, I have experienced life. I have married, become the father to three wonderful boys, held down various jobs, have matured greatly. I miss those college days, and I miss those friends, but I would not trade my other life experiences to go back.

a stench arises
from a pond that’s gone stagnant –
mosquito’s sharp bite


Haibun Monday at dVerse – and the topic is change


10 thoughts on “Farewells

  1. You nailed it with such life experiences – you missed the old days but you are richer in experience now. Love your haiku of the pond & the mosquito bite.

  2. Oh the haiku is so rightly placed here! We move forward, with no regrets. Regrets mean we would change something and then the ripples within the pond would be different. Wonderful haiku to juxtapose the lessons of nature as related to life.

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