Angels Dancing

It was near the end of a long summer, fraught with problems at the summer camp where I was working as a counselor. The biggest issue was the inter-personal problems between the various camp staff members. Finally, the director had had enough, and called us to a night-time meeting (as soon as all the kids were asleep). I don’t remember if that meeting resolved anything, but I remember standing outside with another counselor after the meeting had ended.

We were too amazed to move, for that night, we saw the most brilliant display of the Aurora Borealis that either of us had ever seen.  The usual green of the Northern Lights was joined, that night, by every colour of the rainbow.  I was convinced then, and still am now, that God was sending us a reminder: “your problems are small, but I am big enough to overcome any issues that you have.”

a mosquito’s buzz
ignored beneath the starlight –
angels dance above


written for the Night Sky haibun prompt at dVerse.  Incidentally, that night prompted the first poem that I ever wrote because I wanted to instead of had to for a class.


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