Morning Rush

Over at dVerse, Walter wants us to utilize rhymes in our poetry. I have written my share rhymed form poetry, but as of late, I’ve found myself leaning more towards free-verse. Nice to have some incentive to try my hand at rhyming today. Oh…and if you think you know what rhyming means, click on this link to read Walter’s explanation. You might be surprised at how much there is to learn about how rhymes work in poetry!


Oh the face of the clock
made me race from my bed
the alarm didn’t ring
and there’s harm if I’m late
It’s the first day of school
and the worst day to sleep in
I wake up the kids
with a shake and a shout
“go pack up your bags
don’t be slack! Get things done!”
I go to make coffee
but wouldn’t you know it
I find that the thing
that I use to grind beans
has still to be cleaned
so I’ll drink swill at work
This day started hectic
I pray that it slows down
it’s a pain to be rushing
at this insane pace!


I have chosen to use “interlaced” rhymes. That is, the rhymes occur somewhere in the middle of consecutive lines. My morning was rather rushed (I slept in about 40 minutes later than planned). I hope that having the rhymes in the middle of the lines, with unrhymed ends, creates a jagged and rushed feeling…much like I felt this morning!


14 thoughts on “Morning Rush

  1. I must try this technique some other time. You did a wonderful job with the interlaced rhymes Bryan. My day was rush, rush and rush today (before the long weekend) as well. So happy to read poems at night for relaxation.

  2. Actually, kudos for using in terraced rhyme, for it does not interrupt the free flow of the piece; made me have to work to find the rhyme. I may try the interlacing scheme sometime.

  3. This section stands out to me:
    “It’s the first day of school
    and the worst day to sleep in
    I wake up the kids
    with a shake and a shout”

    I like the first/worst and wake/shake rhymes. I wanted it to say “with a shake and a grin.” But I don’t suppose you were grinning. 🙂

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