I remember

Sixteen years ago, I remember
that you weren’t impressed
with the fish you were served,
but I can’t remember
what I had ordered at all
I remember, though,
the exact table we sat at,
and the flicker
of the candlelight
in that dimly lit room,
but even more
I remember the sparkle
in your eyes
when you said “Yes!”
to my question

And I remember,
exactly one year later
when you fulfilled
the promise of that “yes”
and I remember
that first kiss
(can you believe
that we waited
until the “I do’s”
to taste each other’s lips?)

And I remember
that I was such
a nervous wreck
that I could
barely eat a thing
at the reception,
and both of us were
anxious to be away
from the noise
of our well-wishers

And now, every day,
I am reminded
by the rambunctious energy
of our three boys
of the love we shared back then
and how that love
is stronger today
than it ever was before

(and I wonder,
did we even know back then
what love even is?)


One thought on “I remember

  1. Lovely. I like the small details, such as that your wife didn’t like the fish she was served on that fateful night. 🙂 Also the idea that a wedding is only the beginning of a love story, and not the end.

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