On the trees, mostly green
but here…
leaves have turned
a different hue. There’s still time
before the white, but each
bit of colour marks a countdown

I think I still have a lot
of living in me
but my knees are yellow


Today is Quadrille day at dVerse…and the word of the day is “leaves”.


17 thoughts on “Countdown

      • I banged both of mine up rather badly roller skating on my 40th birthday (almost 7 years ago), and haven’t been able to kneel for very long, ever since. Bad knees is a family trait…but I suppose they still take me where I need to go. 😉

  1. Ah.. leaves
    are changing
    as we gRow older..
    nah.. my knees are
    no longer leaving a
    place to run..
    but i adapt
    to struggle..
    and dance
    6000 miles.. smoothly..
    closely to earth.. in 3 yrs..
    a feather i could have never
    been before leaves of run left..
    and what comes nexT may be the
    most epic dance oF aLL.. iSREAL..:)

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