The view through the mirror

The view through the mirror is different for each one of us. You see you, and I see me. Beyond that, the view changes from day to day, and even second by second. I glance and see each hair in place one moment, and all disheveled the next…you see youth one day, and seemingly the next, you see wrinkles. The view through the mirror changes constantly, and your experience of the mirror will not…cannot be my experience. Ever. We each see, through the mirror, a bit of who we are…and as who we are changes, so does the view through the mirror. And that is why, when you hear a song, or read a poem, or view a painting, you will hear, and understand, and see something quite different from my own experience with the same; and even your experience will not be the same as it would have been a year ago, or will be a year from now…for art may not be silvered glass, but it is still, in a very real way, a mirror.


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