Jar – a Quadrille

No longer closed, but not yet open,
in that moment the cupboard door was ajar,
the jar slipped from my grasp
and jarred itself upon the floor
creating a rather jarring sound

an event almost as unpleasant
as seeing Star War’s Jar Jar Binks


A Quadrille for dVerse. Word of the day is “Jar”.  The event described is entirely fictitious. It was actually a coffee cup.


22 thoughts on “Jar – a Quadrille

  1. Reminds me of the only time my son knocked something over in a grocery store… CRASH! It was a pickle jar. That hasn’t been my only jarring experience, but it was the funniest since no one was hurt or angry. I think the kind of slow motion feeling in your poem brought that up. 🙂

  2. Haha! Finally! I was waiting for someone to use Jar Jar Binks in this prompt. 😀 Cleverly written, Bryan. You’ve use “jar” quite so well.

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