Awaken Us to the Blue

There is the red of anger
and the green of envy
the yellow of fear
and the black of hate
the white of forgetfulness
and the pink of confusion
but all might be erased
by the ocean of love
and so
awaken us to the blue

At dVerse, the prompt is to write a poem inspired by “blue”.  It could be a poem about “The blues” or “blue jeans” or “blue plate special”…or anything else we wished, as long as it was inspired by “blue.”  I was having trouble thinking of what to write until I thought of one of my favourite jazz tunes, and so I went from there.  Honestly, I have no idea what thoughts Bob James had behind his melody “Awaken Us to the Blue”, but it provided a good “jumping off point”.

14 thoughts on “Awaken Us to the Blue

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  2. Yes, PLEASE! In these days, awaken us to the love of blue and away from the hatred and incendiary comments being hurled these days. Great response to the prompt! Love this!

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