Broken Yardstick

There was a time when the world
was inhabited by people who were
either good or bad and I could
always tell which was which by
the simple test of seeing who
agreed with me and who did not
who held my ideals and who held
ideals of their own
for I, of course, am good and so
what better yardstick to measure
you than by me?
But then the time came when I
looked at myself and saw that not
all of my ideals and convictions
lined up with the all of the actions
that I took and I realized that I
am not good. At least not
all of the time.
I still seem to measure those
around me by the ruler of myself
but I try to remind myself that
the yardstick I use is broken.
My measurements are askew
and I need to start measuring
by a yardstick larger than myself.


Today’s prompt at dVerse is to take a look at something that we used to believe and explore how we have changed in our beliefs.  I think that in our youth, we all tend to believe that we know everything, and anyone who disagrees is wrong at best, and bad at worst.  Hopefully, most people eventually mature to the point that they can see that they are not always right, and sometime we have much to learn from those around us.


18 thoughts on “Broken Yardstick

  1. You have to wonder why we feel the need to measure….as if it is any thing more than to compare and comparison kills. Def we should all check our measuring sticks and realize how broken they all are.

  2. I love the ending conclusion Bryan. We all grow up thinking we are right, basing it on our measurements but as we become older, we learn that not all things revolve around us. I like the idea of starting to measuring ourselves, instead of comparing ourselves to others.

  3. I like what you came up with at the end. There are many different views that people hold in this world and when we start labeling some “right” and others “wrong” then we set ourselves up for divisiveness and I don’t think that’s where we want to go. The snowball effect has created many wars in our history.

  4. SMiLes my friEnd..
    one of the greAtest
    pARts of online and
    the world of poEtry
    in INterNaTioNal way..
    iS it provides a much larger
    meaSuRing sTick tock of both
    God sAMe..

    SAdly.. theRe
    are some
    the sAMe
    smaller.. at
    all frigging costs.. hehe..;)

    god laughs
    at human
    that attempt
    to chain something
    as big
    noW as
    any other
    of God
    is noW..
    kinda small..
    and we humans
    are so dam smaLL
    but always groWinG
    unless we clip the gift
    of these little
    as gifted
    by the
    pArt now
    SMiLes.. God IS A poem
    but thaT begs a much bigger
    than most
    folks hOld
    for poem..
    funny how that
    works even in
    of three letters
    or one more 4..4..
    nice to see yoU..
    Bryan.. have a nice day..:)

  5. broken yardstick – perfect. This is truly one of your best and I love the honesty in it. I don’t use a yardstick to measure myself, more like one of those little six inch rulers you get in back to school pencil boxes.

  6. This is so good and you could have written it for me, for it so expresses my thoughts. I too still use myself as a yardstick to gauge (as what I see as) the qualities of others, but then remind myself that we are all the product of our life experiences and maybe I am not quite as good as I like to think.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

    • I agree with hypercryptical //”we are all the product ”’ and I noticed my own change through the decades of time// you express& yes you could have written it for me !! 🙂

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