At dVerse, we have been asked to write a poem based on or inspired by this quote: “I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way


Around the world, we pause
for a moment to be sad
each time we hear of
another act of senseless violence
and after a moment
we allow ourselves
a moment of relief:
glad that “it was someone else”
and just as quickly
forget the moment
and simply move on with our lives
because for most of us
our hearts were frozen long ago.


10 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. An interesting take on the prompt. Just as in the era of the Viet Nam war — although then we only had the television news (and not on a 24/7 cycle) and newspapers….the American left at home saw over and over again, the “pictures” of war and heard the “euphemisms” of war — as in 74 “casualties” today when it meant 74 died..and today we are bombarded with 24/7 news that we see everywhere and can be called up with a “swipe” or a digital click…hashtags, photos, and our media “selects” the stories that appear on our phones, “devices” according to our previous “clicks” so what is not biased? Point is – we “learn” of violence — and then move on in our everyday lives. We are immune to its effects except to read, see, respond for a bit and then move on — until, God forbid, it hits within our own circle. Ah — you got me venting here. Excellent write for the times.

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