Millions of Miles

Today I journeyed
millions of miles,
visited countless cities
in numerous countries
and heard the stories
of men and women
of various cultures,
clans, and creeds,
walked their roads,
tasted their foods,
and all that I did was
open the cover of a book


Today’s dVerse prompt is to write a 44 word poem with “journey” in the body of the poem.


20 thoughts on “Millions of Miles

  1. Hear, hear! I’ll never grow tired of the richness and diversity that reading can bring to us, if we let it. A poem to print out and hang above libraries, schools and other such places.

  2. Oh….I’m reminded of cooking books here………our collection that takes us round the world with ingredients, spices, and lovely words and photos too. Don’t know if that’s what you meant…but that’s what comes to mind. A collection of cultures on my shelf.

  3. Oh I love the journey of this poem, taking us to a wonderful and enlightening ending. The world is in front of us if we just open up those books!

  4. Just goes to show you can travel anywhere. Just open the cover of a book and journey inward. I enjoyed this as I often find myself absorbed in a good story.

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