“Big Raven” by Emily Carr (1931)

What does the raven know
as he flies o’erhead
or as he sits upon the ground?
He calls his harsh squawk
that seems to mock
our ignorance
as if he knows
something that
we do not
but no matter how much
we beg of the raven
to share his knowledge
He does not share with us
what the raven knows.


written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. The challenge is to use a selected image, and write a poem of 60 words or less. I managed to squeak in with a poem of exactly 60 words.

The plight of the Tinfs

The Tinf is a small Amazonian primate with a rather unique feature: it naturally produces a metallic excretion. During storms over the rain-forests, the Tinf climbs to the top of the forest canopy and uses this excretion to attract bolts of lightning. It then stores the electrical energy from the lightning to be released as a defensive mechanism when threatened. This makes the Tinf the world’s only mammal to utilize electricity as a defensive mechanism.

Unfortunately for the Tinf, its metal secretions have gained it a rather formidable foe: humans.  Tinfs have been captured in the thousands for this cheap source of metal.

The Tinfs do not normally excrete the metal except during lightning storms, and so the harvesters have to resort to some rather cruel techniques to harvest the secretions.

I was recently in a Tinf extraction facility, and the human-like screams of the Tinfs was unbearable.  Even the Tinfs that were in between “milkings” were constantly sobbing from the emotional strain that they are constantly under.

Besides the cruel extraction methods, the Tinfs are facing extinction, as there are less than 100 Tinfs still living in the wild.

Please.  Do not support this ongoing cruelty to Tinfs.  Say no to this inhumane harvesting, and refuse to buy any products made of this precious Tinfoil.