Ugly People

There are those who say that
the world has ugly people
and they’re right…
but they say that “ugly”
is the colour of skin or hair
or “ugly” is their religion
(or lack thereof)
or “ugly” is the
brand of clothes or
make of car that they drive
and in that, I say, they’re wrong
Oh yes, the world has ugly people
but it’s an ugly that bleeds out
from deep within their core:
an ugliness that is born
of hatred and prejudice
and discrimination.

I hate to see that the world
has so many ugly people
but most of all
I hate to see that

am ugly


Perhaps the first step to ending racism/prejudice/hatred of any sort is to recognize that most (if not all) of us are guilty to one degree or another…for only when we see the ugly in our own souls can we hope to make any sort of change in the world.